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Database Products Business Unit of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence supports all the online data and data services of Alibaba Cloud and Alibaba Group, it provides full stack database products and services from online transaction processing to online analytical processing. It supports flexible deployment under public cloud and Apsara stack environments, covers the businesses from personal developers, small and medium-sized enterprises to the global large-scale enterprises. Alibaba Cloud Database services are the most reliable and efficient choice for individual users and enterprises. With the advent of the Data Age, Alibaba Cloud Database products have been redesigned based on the architecture of cloud computing and data centers. Database Products Business Unit of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence is a global leader in Database Storage Engine, Cloud-native Technology, Analytics Engine, Distributed Processing, FPGA/GPU Hardware Acceleration, Intelligent Database, Intelligent Control Platform, and Database Security. It has a comprehensive portfolio of cloud products and services, provides a wealth of database product solutions and industry experiences to the customers of Alibaba Cloud, and multilevel businesses of Alibaba Group.

After more than a decade of practices and technical iterations, Alibaba Cloud has the most powerful and biggest family of cloud database products in China, covers relational databases, non-relational databases, analytic databases, database eco-tools and Apsara for MyBase. Alibaba Cloud can meet different application development requirements for database, and solve the critical problem of migrating enterprises' core businesses to the cloud.

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Core Database Products

Alibaba Cloud’s core database products include: Apsara for PolarDB, AnalyticDB for MySQL, Data Lake Analytics, ApsaraDB for Lindorm, ApsaraDB for MyBase, ApsaraDB for RDS, ApsaraDB for HBase, ApsaraDB for Redis, ApsaraDB for MongoDB, Graph Database, Data Transmission Service (DTS), Data Management Service (DMS), Data Backup Service (DBS), Advanced Database & Application Migration(ADAM), and Database Autonomy Service (DAS).

Apsara for PolarDB is the first cloud-native database in China. It decouples computing from storage, and applies software-hardware integrated design, to meet the demand of large-scale application scenarios.

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